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A mummy of 3, model of 25 years, blogger, campaigner, influencer, podcaster AND queen of TikTok... is there anything she can't do?! We manage to steal some time with Louise, the woman herself, to chat about how she keeps on top of it all while still finding time for herself...

1. Hey Louise, thank you so much for sitting down and chatting to us. How are you doing?

Generally great - schools are back, work is back, we're in the middle of buying a house and all the kids are happy and healthy...can't complain...but an extra few hours sleep would be marvellous! Inca was up from 1-4am last night for NO REASON!

2. So not only are you a wife and mummy to 3 gorgeous little ones but you also have a very successful modelling career and an impressive Instagram following too - how on earth do you juggle it all with what looks like such ease?!

I know it sounds cliche but it really is all about balance and self care. We have a nanny 3 days a week which is the best self care i've ever had. I have time to work, to breathe and to really appreciate the kids when I come home from work. Yet, there is always so much to do - and it's never ending. BUT - I like to be busy... whether it's matching all the odd socks or videoing a YouTube video - it keeps me ticking. However, I know when to stop and put me first. I have a deal with myself that if I want to curl up on the sofa and binge watch Netflix I will...and I won't feel guilty about it. 

3. You radiate positivity both in person and on social media and it's totally infectious. Is this something that comes naturally to you or it is something you've worked on over the years?

Ah lovely to hear! Thank you! To be honest I think I come across like a wally most of the time ha! I've worked on my confidence being in front of the camera - and still am! I have definitely experienced imposter syndrome and this is something I still battle with from time to time. Also I find being on camera on IG as me is different from being on TV as a model. Being a model I am playing a role whereas with IG it's ME! So I guess to answer your question - it's part natural from my modelling experience and part something I've worked on. 

4. So let's get down to the fashion...we love your style! Who do you look to for outfit inspiration?

Thank you! There is inspiration literally everywhere and I love it. From the school mum who I see on her bike every day to celebrity fashion icons, Instagram fashionistas, magazines, Pinterest... it's endless. As im getting more (ahem) mature. I really love the style of @mercer7official on Instagram - she is so effortlessly chic and also @emmapaton_ I love the colours and patterns she wears. 

5. When you put together an outfit, what are the key pieces you can't go without?

Accessories for me really make an outfit pop. For example, today I am wearing a plain, black jumper and black jeans. Looks quite boring - but when I pop out shortly I'll add my camel coat, a hat, jewellery, white trainers and my new pink Scamp and Dude bag and the outfit looks fantastic!

6. We always find popping on our favourite item of clothing boosts our mood and sets us up right for the day. Do you find that certain pieces in your wardrobe have this effect? 

Yes 100%. Knowing you like your outfit is so can turn your whole day around. And visa versa, if your outfit looks crap and you know it, you can take a turn to negative ville. For me...throwing on a midi dress, layering it with a cool jumper, boots, jacket, my favourite jewellery and I feel like I can do anything. Confidence will shine through whether it's in a casting, a meeting or at the school gates. In comparison, I have some awful school run/lounging clothes that make me feel frumpy and bla. I really need to stay away from them...time for a charity shop run I think!

7. We absolutely love it when you come in and see us at the shop! Do you have a favourite brand that we stock? 

YOUR SHOP IS INSANE! I can't say I have a favourite brand - everything you stock basically screams LOUISE BUY ME! Last time I was there I got the Doni blazer by Ba&sh and the pink Believe jacket by Berenice which I'm obsessed with...oh and the two summer dresses from last season by Scotch & Soda and Bec & Bridge - Love!

8. As a working mummy you are always on the go which means your needs are often bottom of the list...what do you do to ensure you have some well deserved TLC every now and then?

When you watch the safety procedures on an aeroplane, it tells us to place the oxygen mask over our face first before we help our children. This is the same for motherhood. If I am ok - the kids are ok. If I feel like I am drowning, the kids will come with me. Making myself a priority is so important - and I don't mean a 5* hotel room to yourself (even though that would be AMAZING), but little things like eating properly, drinking enough water, finishing your coffee. These things seem so obvious but mothers will pass on these things without realising and then hit a wall. I've hit this wall many times. I have affirmation cards in places I know I'll see them that remind me to 'make myself a priority'. I also make time for me in the evenings. As I said earlier, I will either snuggle up on the sofa or one of my favourite things to do is to have a candlelit bubble bath with wine and a book. I will soak there for an's bliss! Taking timeout to see my friends, to go to the gym or a bike ride are also part of my routine. Oh and how can I forget...myself and 6 other mothers have booked to go to Ibiza in July 2021. This was a gift to ourselves from the lockdown hard work...BRING IT ON!

9. Life can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially in the current climate. Are you listening to any podcasts or reading any books/magazines right now that offer a little light relief?

Back in March I felt really anxious - more than I have done in a long time so I downloaded an app called 'Think Up' which helped with positive affirmations and also took the BBC notifications off my phone. To be honest, for light relief I watch TikTok - I know this sounds weird, but I find myself laughing out loud before I go to bed, and I like that!

10. And finally, what are the 2 pieces of fashion and life advice you would give your 18 year old self? 

WEAR A DRESS! I was obsessed with jeans and never showed off my amazing legs! I covered up my body most of the time because I was told I needed to lose weight (I was a UK 10). I wish I could be that 18 year old again and totally revamp her style and confidence. I would also say DUMP HIM - I dated a very toxic man who tore my confidence into shreds.


Mama Still Got It
Mama Still Got It
Louise at home with her 3 beautiful children.

Louise Loves...

Make Up Brand: Too many to name!

Skincare Brand: No7

Clothing Brand: Rixo

Restaurant: Gloria

Brunch Spot: Megans

Alcoholic Drink: Margarita

Thank you so much for chatting to us Louise. We can't wait to see you soon and look forward to many more hilarious Reels on Instagram to come! Stay safe and healthy.

Love, The Girls x


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