Like Mother, Like Daughter

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I got it from my Mama & I’m so happy I did!

My lovely mummy was only 24 when I was born so we have always been very close. I look a lot like her and we happen to share very similar tastes! Although this has been very handy for me, it hasn't always worked out quite so well for her. I remember one time in particular when I secretly wore her brand new sunglasses to Capital VIP (circa 2005) without asking and unsurprisingly they didnt make it out of Hammersmiths infamous Inferno's alive. Luckily, with age, I have become more responsible and now at 29 and 53 we are both culprits of wearing each others clothes. 

It does help that I have a very stylish mum and I work at Katie and Jo, but I also believe that there are key items in a womans wardrobe that are timeless, ageless and that bridge the gap between a mother and daughters wardrobe. These items are the classic pieces such as a great leather jacket, a well made blazer, a designer handbag and a killer pair of jeans. The list could go on, but you catch my drift! Long gone are the days where you wouldn't be seen dead in your mothers clothes!

Trinny Woodall said in her You Magazine edit, "Fashion no longer has age limits - teenagers and their grandmothers wear the same pieces, from the same store, just styled in different ways. Today its about embracing ageless dressing: choosing clothes that flatter in sophisticated fabrics, knowing your body shape and what colours suit you best. Its also about still daring to take risks. You dont have to look conservative just because youre in your 60's, 70's and beyond and you can - and should! - still shine at any age."

This cross over of wardrobes doesnt stop with us mere mortals...the A Listers are at it too...

Katie & Lila Moss and Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson
Katie & Lila Moss and Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson
Like Mother Like Daughter

Having Kate Moss as your mum has got to be pretty cool. Having first dibs on her wardrobe has got to be even cooler. It seems that Lila is definitely developing a style of her own and seems to have the same flare as Kate when it comes to putting together an outfit. Notorious for her edgy ensembles, Kate has a rock n roll style that feels very authentic to her London roots, something that is definitely mirrored in Lila's outfit here. 

I have always adored Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudsons relationship. They come across as the kind of women you want to be best friends with and I love that! Often spotted together, this duo never fails when dressing up together and hitting the red carpet. Both dresses here are fun, flirty and compliment each other perfectly. Neither one seems to dress to suit their age but more to suit their personailty and mood at the time. 



Jada, Willow Smith & Adrienne and Yolanda, Bella & Gigi Hadid
Jada, Willow & Adrienne and Yoland, Bella & Gigi Hadid
3 is the magic number

Jada, Willow and her grandmother Adrienne are 3 generations of beautiful! What incredible genes they share. All individual and stylish in their own right, they experiment with fashion and aren't afraid to try new things when it comes to shapes and colours. With a mother and grandmother as glamourous as these two, I'm sure Willow has never shied away from sharing her wardrobe or taking a tip to two when it comes to finding her feet in fashion.

Not only do Gigi and Bella have each other for style advice, they also have their ex model mother, Yolanda. Tall, beautiful and super stylish, who wouldn't want to share clothes with a mum like that?! Regularly seen out for dinner in New York and at fashion weeks all over the globe, this trio are a force to be reckoned with! Looking more like triplets, their fashion sense is always on point and usually pretty similar, with Yolanda opting for the more classic looks in contrast to some of the more outlandish (and fabulous) outfits her daughters can sometimes be seen wearing. 

We love it when mothers and daughters come in for retail therapy at Katie and Jo! Knowing we can cater to a range of ages and seeing them both excited about what we have to offer is something that never gets old for us. Whether its her first pair of JBrand jeans or your first pair of AG leatherettes, we have you covered!

Age doesnt have to define you when it comes to fashion and it certainly doesnt have rules!

Love, Flick x 



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