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A full time mummy to little Ottilie and dog Ruby, a fashionista with an impressive Instagram following and soon to be Bride! Oh and she also happens to be a really, really lovely person! We are so excited to introduce you to the beguiling Tabitha Willett...

Hi Tabitha, we are loving following the wonderful Instagram stories of you and little Ottilie, how are you both doing?

We are doing great! I think she is growing increasingly bored of me in qaurantine but we definitely keep making each other smile. Im very lucky to have her!

We are living through a very uncertain time at the moment, what are you doing to remain calm and positive?

I feel I dont have time for negativity. When you are looking after a 10 month old you are constantly playing and giggling and dancing - its like therapy! Its impossible to sit around and get bogged down by what's going on. 

We love your style, who do you look to for outfit inspiration?

Oh so many - my Instagram feed is full of daily inspiration. I always love Lucy Williams for effortless elegance and day to day outfits. Also Laura Wills of Fashion Bug Blog for my princess luxe fix. I also probably buy more things from swipe up through Flavia Stutgen and Emma Worthing (@swoon_love) than anywhere else on the internet!

When putting together an outfit, what are the key pieces you cant go without? 

It really changes. At Christmas time, I am obsessed with cosy knits and statement earrings. During the Summer I love a Hermes silk scarf - I wear them as belts or as a top which I think has a lovely nautical element to it. Also sunglasses all year round pull any outfit together! 

We may be stuck in isolation right now, but Summer is finally on its way! Are there any particular styles you're loving this season that you cant wait to wear? 

Sandals! Every year I invest in a new designer pair of 'Summer shoes'. Two years ago I bought the Valentino Rockstud gladiator sandals in baby pink and last year I bought some Louis Vuitton slides with the padlock detail. This year I am either going for Bottega or Hermes slides, I haven't decided yet. I have still been making an effort to get up and dressed most days but I am really missing wearing all of my shoes!

Tabitha Wearing Pink City Prints from Katie & Jo
Tabitha wearing Pink City Prints
The Rah Rah Dress & Elena Dress both available at

We love it when you come into the shop and see us! Do you have a favourite brand that we stock?

Ba&sh! You can't go wrong with them - I advise anyone going into the shop to try them on as their cuts are so brilliant. I also love Love Shack Fancy, Hailey Menzies, Frame, Rosie Fortescue, Le Specs and of course Katie and Jo own brand is just heaven! 

We know you're currently planning your wedding which is SO exciting and you seem to be taking it all in your stride. What tips can you give to all of the birde to be's out there and has it been an enjoyable experience? 

It has been so fun pulling all of the ideas together! I am so excited to see how it's all going to look! I am a very creative person which has made it super fun but now we are on the three month countdown I feel the coming together of everything might be a little more stressful! 

Will you be planning a honeymoon and what is your dream location?

Yes we are having a little break between wedding and honeymoon. We are going to stay at my favourite hotel, Sandy Lane in Barbados. I was quite passionate about wanting to bring our daughter with us but still wanting to enjoy dinner out and they have fantastic nanny servies!

Your holiday to Miami looked amazing! How was it travelling with Ottilie and would you reccomend it as a good place to holiday with a young family?

Thank you! It was truly amazing! Miami is one of my favourite places other than London. I chose it wisely for our first holiday with a baby (Ottilie was 4 months at the time). They speak English, I know where the supermarkets and pharmacies are, every building has a lift and/or wheelchair access so its very easy with a pram, and its not as far as say, LA. It was just heaven! A very special place to me and I can't wait to go back soon! 

You are always so supportive of small businesses and brands, is this something you've always consciously done?

I think it's more organic than concious - you can tell when a business has a passionate striving person behind it and I think the product often refelcts that. There are obviously the bigger brands with loads of funding that I adore too but there is nothing I love more than items with a story behind them. When someone compliments my dress or shoes, I find so much joy in being able to tell them a little something about the brand, or how lovely the designer is or where they got their inspiration from etc. And even more joy in telling said designer that one of their pieces has been complimented! 

Tabitha & Ottilie
Tabitha and Ottilie
"We definitely keep making each other smile. I'm very lucky to have her" - Tabitha

Tabitha Loves...

Make Up Brand: Kevyn Aucoin

Skincare Brand: Decree by Dr Anita Sturnham

Clothing Brand: Probably Rixo, but so hard to choose!

Restaurant In London: Daphne's

Fave Brunch Spot In London: Hally's or St Clements

Alcoholic Drink: Spicy Margharita on the rocks with a half salt rim!

Fave Item On Katie and Jo Website Right Now: Just one?! Probably the Libelula Long Jessie Dress. Libelula dresses always fit like a glove and make me feel so confident! 

Thank you so much for chatting to us Tabitha!  Good luck with your wedding preperations and we can't wait to be able to all go for a glass of rose in the sunshine soon! 

Thank you so much! I can't wait to see you all and you give hugs soon!

Stay healthy,

Love, Flick x 

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