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A Wife and Mummy to India, Lexie and Ralph, the Entertainment and Royal Director for OK! Magazine and founder of the stunning wedding venue 'The West Mill', is there anything this woman can't do? We were lucky enough to steal some time from the stunning Chrissie Reeves to chat about how she keeps it all going and how finding 'Me' time is so important...

Chrissie, thank you so much for giving up your time to chat to us! How are you?

Thanks for having me. It's such strange times but we're happy. 

We're currently all in full swing of isolation - how has this been as a family of five and what have you been doing to keep everyone entertained?

Our isolation has definitely been a journey, full of ups and downs keeping three kids under five entertained, but overall we've had some incredible family time together. I've enjoyed the slower pace of life because usually i'm non stop. Just before lockdown we left London and came to our cottage in Derbyshire and the extra space, along with the weather, has been heaven. At first I was trying to be wonder mum and doing lots of different activities with the kids, such as Easter bonnet making, crown making, sports days and so much baking, but that has definitely dwindled. The kids have mostly been running around naked or having trampoline parties dressed as princesses. Now the Easter holidays are over, it's all about homeschooling which is challenging!

There seems to be two types of people in isolation - one who is working out to the max and the other indulging on naughty treats and drinking copious amounts of wine - which one are you or have you been able to keep it balanced?

Ive definitely been the latter lately, it was my birthday last week and our neighbours transformed our garden fence into a pop up bar, they own a wine bar so it ended up being quite messy. Zoom chats with friends can also be boozy so im detoxing for a bit now. I've been doing the Couch to 5K podcast with Jo Whiley which is great and gets me running every morning, I need the 'me' time. 

What would you say has been your biggest guilty pleasure whilst spending more time at home?

Love Is Blind on Netflix, long hot baths when the kids are asleep and Mini Eggs. I bought a job lot for the kids and now i'm addicted!

Not only are you a wife and Mummy to three beautiful children but you also run the stunning wedding venue 'The West Mill' and are the Entertainment and Royal Director at OK! Magazine. How do you juggle everything while making it all look so effortless at the same time?

It's definitely a juggle but it's all about being super organised and writing lots of lists. I hate not being busy so isolation has been hard! I've worked at OK! for fifteen years and i've loved every minute of it. It's a huge part of my life and I feel so fortunate to have met some incredible people and visited so many different countries in that job. My husband and I set up The West Mill in Derbyshire six years ago and we've been lucky enough to host some of the most incredible weddings. We now have accomodation and a second venue event space called The Cotton Shed. It's great getting the best of both London and Derbyshire, but also hard being apart from my husband in the week. 

As you mentioned, you have travelled to some incredible places for work, but the Oscars has got to be up there?! Tell us a bit about it...

Ive been to the Oscars a number of times now and it never disapoints. LA is where the magic happens and as soon as I land at LAX airport I feel that same buzz. Im lucky enough to be invited to Elton John's viewing party every year which also never disappoints! This year was particularly amazing as Elton won an Oscar for Rocketman so the atmosphere was insane. I love LA because you can be sitting in a hotel bar next to Leonardo Di Caprio one minute, or queuing up for coffee with Jennifer Aniston the next.


Chrissie At Home Wearing Bella Dahl
Chrissie Reeves
We are excited to now stock a small selection of Bella Dahl at

So, let's say we're planning a girls trip away for a long weekend, what's the destination and what are the top 5 items you're taking in your suitcase?

Barcelona. I went with my best friend a few years ago and we stayed at the Mandarin Oriental which was incredible. It's a city with, the beach, great spas and nightlife. I would always pack my trusted Ray Bans, a pair of trainers, a great midi dress, red lip gloss and some killer heels in my bag. 

Barcelona is my favourite city break destination too! Chrissie, you are a social butterfly and always attending exciting events around London. Where are you most excited about going when lockdown is over?

The first thing i'll do is get all my girlfriends together for a proper girls night to sit poolside at White City House, it always takes me back to LA. We'll order a bottle of fizz and celebrate freedom. 

That sounds like heaven! So we may have all been confined to our homes but Katie and I have found that getting dressed each day and putting on our make up has really helped us stay motivated and positive! How have you found dressing in isolation and does it have an effect on your mood?

I'm totally with you. If I dont get up, shower and put make up on every morning, I feel awful. I'm a positive person but it always makes me feel low if I don't make an effort. A touch of bronzer and lip gloss makes all the difference, even if you're wearing gym gear! 

We can't wait to all reunite when the shop is back open! Out of the brands we stock, which ones are you most excited about?

I love everything Katie and Jo, you buy so well! Rails have a great collection this season, I felt great in that little red dress I wore recently. I also love Wyse for cashmere and the Air and Grace trainers go with everything and are so comfy. 

And finally, just for fun...what piece of advice would you give your 18 year old self?

I'd definitely have told myself that boot cut jeans with lace up sides never did anyone any favours, oh and to go easy on the fake tan!


Chrissie With Daughters India & Lexie
Chrissie Reeves
Chrissie is wearing the Rails Kiki Dress £185 & Rails Helena Dress £180

Chrissie Loves...

Make Up Brand: Charlotte Tilbury. It's becoming a worrying addiciton.

Skincare Brand: The Secret, it's my friends brand and I swear by it.

Clothing Brand: I love everything Ba&sh, each season I always invest in at least two of their incredible maxi dresses - usually from Katie and Jo. They work for everyday with trainers or the red carpet. 

Restaurant In London: I love Koji in Parsons Green, it's a great place to go on a date night for cocktails and their Black Cod is insane. 

Fave Brunch Spot In London: The Ivy Chelsea Garden. Grab a table outside and it's like sitting in your own private botanical gardens.

Alcoholic Drink: Elderflower Collins or Expresso Martini.

Fave Item on Katie and Jo Website Right Now: Mabe is a great new brand ive discovered there, I love the Kelby print sundress. 

Thank you so much for chatting to us Chrissie! We can't wait to see you soon and are looking forward to our Instagram Live with you this Thursday at 7pm! Stay healthy!

Love, Flick x 

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